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"As May, Sasha Maya Ada complements Folsom's performance with her own mix of strength and vulnerability, playing a woman who knows the influence she holds over her former lover but who can't seem to escape the spell he casts over her. While May can too easily become a stereotypical victim, Ada finds ways to assert the character's power whenever possible."

-Zac Thriffiley w/ Broadway World


"May is Eddie’s love and bane and Sasha Maya Ada achingly brings her to life. Driven to leave by all her instincts, May cannot fight her addiction to Eddie. And Sasha Maya Ada shows the toll that this constant push and pull has taken on her life. Reluctant to leave yet knowing her relationship with Eddie will never be stable, May is suspended in amber and is unable to be anything other than miserable. Tackling a role like this requires great courage and Sasha Maya Ada has more than enough for this role. She is wonderful to watch."

- Chris Hauge w/ The Column


"Sasha Maya Ada beautifully captures the conflicted May. Her character’s ambivalence toward Eddie has settled in the actor’s bones, and she convincingly conveys May’s conflicted hesitation with her voice, her eyes, and her entire body. Despite a long career onstage, this production is her first role in a Sam Shepard play."

-Frank Garrett w/ Theater Jones


"SMU grad Sasha Maya Ada (Billie) seems to be the kid in the candy store of the group. You grow to relish her off-beat "younger" views that spark forth at any moment."

Sasha as Brutus

"[Sarah] Hamilton cast Sasha Davis as Marcus Brutus, [and] the most memorable scenes are the pleading by Portia of Brutus and the argument between Brutus and Cassius. Davis and Carson firmly establish not only the bond between husband and wife but also the feverishness of Portia’s devotion that is important toward understanding events later in the play."

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