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SAH-shuh     MAI-uh    uh-DAH

Black / Afro Latina / Queer / She/ Her /Hers


                            My name is Sasha. I'm from South Cackalacky--also know as South Carolina for those of you who may have slightly cocked your head like "what'd she write?" I made my theatrical debut at the age of 7 singing "Part of Your World" in the back seat of my mother's 2000 Mitsubishi as my grandfather got pulled over for speeding. While he may not claim that last bit as part of his legacy, he certainly is a reason for my choice in career. Many thanks grandpa.


After graduating from the South Carolina Governor's School for Arts and Humanities' Drama department, I very nearly ran off to live in the mountains of southern Spain. Eventually opted to pursue my B.F.A. in Theatre Studies (acting & playwriting) at the Meadows School of the Arts at SMU. 

Currently, I'm Dallas based and work throughout the greater DFW area as an actor, director, and collaborator. I am grateful to be the first Artistic Director for Big Thought, an arts education and equity organization. When I'm not performing, I love coaching young artists in preparation for their next steps whether it be for high school, summer, undergrad, or graduate programs. I am also the co coordinator and lead teaching artist for the Dallas Region of the Next Narrative Monologue Competition (formerly the National August Wilson Monologue Competition.)

Most importantly, I find the intersection of artistic technique and restorative practices fascinating and allow that relationship to guide my professional and personal approach to storytelling. I also find it hilarious that after years of telling my mother I would never follow in her footsteps, I love arts education. But shhhhh, no one tell her. 


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